RS:X Class Annual General Meeting


RS:X Class Annual General Meeting

27 September, 2006
Circolo Surf Torbole
Torbole, Italy

I. Meeting called to order by director Rich Jeffries
II. 50 attendees signed in representing 21 countries
III. Fiona Baron, Vice President of ISAF welcomed everyone and, on behalf of the Executive Committee told us how happy ISAF is about the class and they pledge their continued support through 2008. ISAF will continue to be involved with not only her presence but through Rich Jeffries
IV. In respect of the attendance of Neil Pryde the floor was given to him for a manufacturer’s report in which he informed all in attendance on the Sales of the board and rigs, the warranty and manufacturing problems and solutions and  what lies ahead.

  • Highlights include 1,421 boards sold in the first 12 months and 2,066 sails
  • The French distributor has sold the most with 290 boards and 463 sails followed by the USA and China
  • Strong sales are also reflected in Scandinavia, Germany, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, the UK and Spain
  • The same countries lead in the distribution of the masts and booms
  • The hard shell carbon board has seen it’s share of warranty issues but these are coming down as manufacturing changes and user care increases
  • A new 13 point Quality Control is being introduced which will now accompany the board from factory to delivery
  • Looking ahead NPW is offering new foot straps, mast extension and they are looking at a collar to protect the mast and distribute the loading from the downhaul. A new stronger Boom-Tail has been developed and is now being delivered. NPW is also offering a new Rig Cover and recommending that all sailors protect the rigs from the sun and heat

V. Due to the time of day, at the request of the coaches and sailors the meeting was adjourned to reconvene after racing
VI. The meeting was reconvened at 1845 by director Rich Jeffries
VII. 26 attendees signed in for the AGM as representatives of their countries and as board members. Total attendance was 38
VIII. Rich Jeffries presented the President’s report

  • The Class has come a long way in a short period of time beginning here in Torbole at the Circolo in May of 2004
  • Serious efforts by the interim executive, ISAF and NPW have seen us develop with little drama.
  • The first 500 boards were directed to the countries who sailed in the last Olympics
  • Our first events were held in San Francisco and Cadiz
  • The first management group of Rene Appel, Mike Gebhardt, Alessandra Sensini, Barry Johnson and Aaron Botzer worked hard to get us here.
  • Our successful European Championships in June in Turkey
  • We are an ISAF Recognized Class and we are seeking ISAF approval to become an International Class
  • Youth is our future and focus for 2007

IX.    Financial Report
Class has an expected balance at the end of the Worlds of 8490 Euros with expenses to the end of the year a balance of 1308 Euros is expected
X. The Constitution of the class was introduced and accepted
XI. All officers were accepted having run unopposed

  • President Rich Jeffries USA
  • Vice President Piotr Hlavaty POL

Piotr was also elected Senior VP

  • Vice President Aaron Botzer ISR
  • Treasurer Martin Aldridge GBR
  • Men’s Rep Nicolas Huget FRA
  • Women’s Rep Olga Maslivets URK (nominated by the women at the event)
  • Coaches Rep Rene Appel HKG

XII. The class representatives were voted on and approved

  • Asia Rene Appel HKG
  • South America Hernan Vila ARG
  • North America Mike Gebhardt USA
  • Europe Barry Eddington GBR
  • Oceania Paul Page NZL

XIII. Class Rule Changes (the records show that Barry Johnson abstained from voting).

  • Change shape of provided washers
  • Allow the removal (Optional) of the daggerboard cover but include the use of a strap in order to prevent over rotation of the centre board
    Approved 16 yes 2 no
  • The proposed new rule on foot straps was withdrawn and changed to allow the new Neil Pryde strap shown to the AGM
    Approved 22 yes 4 no
  • Allow the filling and fairing of the screw holes on the Centerboard gasket
    Approved    14 yes  12 no
  • Allow the addition of blocks/pulleys to the sail clew for the outhaul
    Approved 27 yes
  • Can we add material to the boom grip
    Defeated 14 yes 14 no (the President voted no until this is more defined)
  • The changing of the location of county codes and numbers.
    This was withdrawn due to the confusion of the exact location
  • To task the Technical and Measurement Committee appointees to develop RS:X standards
    Approved 25 yes
  • RS:X Sailors bring their own boards to The Olympics
    Approved  25 yes  1 no (Argentina feels it is unfair to small countries)
  • Warranty issues at major events
  • Withdrawn
  • RS:X Management team at major events
    Approved 19 yes 6 no (it was felt that the Jury and Race Director should be separate)
  • LOC shall send, at its own expense, their PRO to the same championship the previous year.
    (with change of ‘may be requested to send’)
    Approved  22 yes  3 no

XIV.    Relationship with the IWA
Representatives from the IWA felt that our relationship is good and we should continue as we are. The management of the class is reviewing the financial impact of the current relationship and will recommend to the class their feelings on the future.
XV. As points of information the President informed those present of the ISAF plans for a World Cup series using current Grade 1 events and World and Continental Championships. We also learned of the possibility of having our events with the high- performance Olympic classes if the World Cup concept does not succeed.
XVI. On future Worlds the AGM approves the venue subject to negotiations by the RS:X office
Approved      23 Yes  2 no
XV. The AGM voted to support the bid from New Zealand
Approved        22 Yes
XVI. The AGM selects the venue for Youth Worlds
Approved        22 Yes
XVI. That the Youth Worlds be outside Europe every two years based on a suitable venue
Approved    21 Yes
XVII. The class hold a separate youth Europeans in the years when the Worlds are outside Europe Approved         20 Yes
XVIII. Each continent choose its own venue one year before subject to contractual agreement By the RS:X office
Approved    22 Yes
XIX.    Other Business

  • Some women feel that they should be allowed to sail on the 66cm fin. After a good discussion in which the two key points of: we are already into the qualifying time for some countries and the change would go against the newly adopted Constitution of the class, it was agreed to allow the women’s rep. Olga Maslivets to poll the women competitors here at the worlds and see what they think.

XX.     Having no other business the meeting closed at 2120hrs

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