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The Winners – 2013 Enel RS:X Youth Worlds

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Italy victorious at the ENEL RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championships: Mattia Camboni (men) and Marta Maggetti (women) are the new RS:X Youth World Champions: the silver went to Israel.


A perfect final at the Lega Navale Civitavecchia, with the 2013 Enel RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championships ending with an Italian double win. Protagonists Mattia Camboni and Marta Maggetti, the new RS:X Class Youth World Champions.


In the men’s class, the local athlete Camboni (ITA 88), administered an advantage of fiftheen points finishing the medal race behind the Russian Evgeny Ayvazyan (RUS 3), but ahead of Mayan Rafic (ISR 900), his closest competitor. The final results crown the Italian athlete as the king of the Under 19 fleet with only 21 points, 17 less than Rafic, who earned the silver with 38 points.


“Winning here – declared Mattia Camboni at the end of the race – was a dream more than a goal, but I made it. Everything went my way, even luck, and that never hurts to win. Now I want to enjoy the day!”


The women’s class had a final confrontation between Marta Maggetti (ITA 157) and Hadar Hellar (ISR 9): the young Israeli found herself in a corner at the start with an OCS that proved fatal to her ranking. Maggetti, second throughout the series, held tight and today’s second place is more than enough to overtake her rival and earn the top position in the rankings with 36 points, becoming the new RS:X Youth World Champion.


“I’m so happy! – said Marta Maggetti after the race – We knew that the only chance we had was to push on the line to force my adversary to make a mistake. What a special day!”


With 43 points, a silver medal is all that Hadar Heller will take home. Maelle Guilbaud (FRA 551) took third, both in the medal race and the overall ranking, with 61 points.


Fabio Corti, president of the Lega Navale Civitavecchia: “This World Championship couldn’t have finished better, seeing that Mattia is one of our boys. And with Marta Maggetti, that means two world titles won at home – it’s fantastic.”


Alessandra Sensini, the Italian Sailing Federation’s Youth Director was also enthusiastic: “A great result for the Federation, the Class and for Italy: we can add another Club to our long list of expert organizers.”


In the U17 male classification the victory went to Belarus Mikita Tsirkun with second and third places taken by two French sailors Oel Pouliquen and Adrien Mestre.


In the U17 female classification gold medal for the Russian Stefania Elfutina, silver to British Emma Wilson and bronze to Berenice Mege from France.




Men’s Rankings


1. Mattia Camboni (ITA 88): 2,2,1,3,(6),6,1,1,1,4 – Tot. 21 points

2. Mayan Rafic (ISR 900): 4,4,5,1,4,9,2,(20),3,6 – Tot. 38 points

3. Bautista Saubidet Birkner (ARG 401): 1,3,1,5,1,3,9,(17),10,12 – Tot. 45 points

4. Daniele Benedetti (ITA 60): 2,2,2,2,1,8,3,16,(25),16 – Tot. 52 points

5. Evgeny Ayvazyan (RUS 3): (12),7,6,8,3,10,6,9,2,2 – Tot. 53 points

6. Igor De L’Hermite (FRA 22): 4,11,3,1,5,5,(33),3,18rdg,10 – Tot. 60 points

7. Michele Cittadini (ITA 38): 7,8,8,6,6,2,8,14,(24),14: Tot. 73 points

8. Baz Bell (ISR 19): 14,4,5,7,4,10,(20),6,16,8 – Tot. 74 points

9. Yael Paz (ISR 17): 10,5,4,4,9,4,7,15,(23),18: Tot. 76 points

10. Victor Rigolot (FRA 683): 5,6,11,2,2,15,10,(23),14,20: Tot. 85 points


Women’s Rankings


1. Marta Maggetti (ITA 157): 7,9,1,3,4,1,1,6,(17),4 – Tot. 36 points

2. Hadar Heller (ISR 9): 2,(7),3,1,3,3,6,1,2,22ocs – Tot. 43 points

3. Maelle Guilbaud (FRA 551): (dnc),2,2,11,6,8,4,7,15,6 – Tot. 61 points

4. Stefania Elfutina (RUS 271): (17),13,10,2,7,17,2,3,4,8 – Tot. 66 points

5. Emma Wilson (GBR 961): 6,4,5rdg,21,10,2,7,12,(35),16 – Tot. 83 points

6. Bérénice Mege (FRA 295): 1,1,16,6,17,(29),3,18,12,12 – Tot. 86 points

7. Melanie Jariel (FRA 343): 4,15,11,18,14,6,18,2,(37),2 – Tot. 90 points

8. Sara Lucille Wennekes (NED 203): 3,19,6,7,12,9,8,(24),21,14 – Tot. 99 points

9. Adi Yaffe Cohen (ISR 4): 22,19.5rdg,17,9,(42),12,5,5,3,10 – Tot. 102.5 points

10. Imogen Sills (GBR 561): 9,8,12,20,15,4,11,10,(38),18 – Tot. 107 points



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