Media Briefing- 1000hrs Tuesday 15th January

On Tuesday morning we hope to introduce you to the following…

  • Rod Davis, Olympic Director, Yachting New Zealand
    A Former Olympic medallist in the Star class himself Rod Davis is now Olympic Director for Yachting New Zealand. He will be available for comment on where this event fits into preparation for the Olympic Games 2008 for the New Zealand sailors.
  • Sarah Herbert, Armenia, ARM1
    Windsurfing in the formula and slalom disciplines for six years, Herbert switched to the Olympic class RS:X just fifteen days ago to compete at this event. She hopes to qualify Armenia for a place in the Olympic games later this year. She is the only one representing Armenia ta this event.
  • Richard White, Ireland, IRL 309
    White has spent the last year travelling and windsurfing with his dog Murphy in tow. One of his biggest challenges is that he is sailing with a broken toe right now - he aims to qualify Ireland for the Olympic Games.

We hope to see you at the TBC at 100hrs

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