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Ranking numbers at events

During the recent European Championship in Brest, the RS:X Executive Committee decided that requiring sailors to display ranking numbers at major events in 2009 is a good idea. What now has to be agreed is which ranking number should be used?
a) The ISAF World Ramking Number
b) The finishing position at the last RS:X World Championship
c) The seeding number on which the fleet is divided into yellow and blue groups

On reflection, the most relevant to the event in question would be the seeding number. Firstly, these numbers would be consecutive from 1 - 120 and secondly they are based on World Championship finishing positions.

The proposal is therefore to print these numbers on the back of the event Lycra as well as to issue self adhesive numbers to each racer to place on his/her sail next to their national flag. Consideration was given to just having the numbers on the Lycra vests but at down wind marks these may be invisible to the mark rounding boat.

The result would be that competitors existing sail numbers remain unchanged; the media and spectators would quickly understand the implications of high numbers rounding first and low numbers rounding deep in the pack; photographers would be able to closely frame images and have the maximum amount of graphic information within it as well as the racer’s face; those operating the SMS mobile phones on the mark rounding boats for the dynamic on line scoring system will not have to contend with duplicate numbers… In fact, it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Tags: RS:X Media Strategy