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Now I’ve heard it all

Racers training at Quindao are having a hard time meeting up with their training partners on the water. Why?

Well, its simple enough really. When you can hardly see your hand in front of your face due to the fog, it’s not easy to find a training partner. Nor for that matter, is it easy to find your way back to base when the session is over.

This is just one more thing for athletes to contend with on the road to the Olympic Regatta. Many athletes are taking this last opportunity in June to do some training at the sailing venue and make final preparations.

Quite a few will be expecting delivery of their ‘One Shot’ training hulls in the next week. This will allow them to not only train on the waters of Quingdao but also do so on RS:X hulls which are from the same batch as the Olympic supplied equipment.

Every detail of the equipment has been checked before dispatch in a refrigerated container. Now it is the athletes turn to make all their final checks. The last thing that anyone wants is a surprise. All must be pre-planned and pre-ordained.

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