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History of windsurfing: Wind legends…

The top names in windsurfing tell the story of the sport; with intriguing, insightful, and often humorous vignettes.

One of the few films made on the sport that is not limited to the riders under one sponsor’s umbrella.

Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Rhonda Smith, Matt Schweitzer, Alex and Greg Aguera, Dave Kalama, Mark and Josh Angulo, Kelby Anno, Allen Parducci, Pete Cabrinha, Fred Haywood, Robby Seeger, Mike Waltze, Jason Prior, Mike Eskimo, Barry Spanier, and Francisco Goya.

Produced by Jonathan Weston, Impact Zone Productions, with contributions from the top filmakers in the sport - Robert Masters, Ian Boyd, Dave Nash, Ivan Van Vuuren, Tonix, Mike Waltze, Yuri Farrant, Paul Hengstebeck, Walter & Nan Herbeck. Associate Producer Dobri Kiprov, Visual Creations.

From the early years hidden vault of never before released footage to modern day PWA’s best contest highlights. Produced by Jonathan Weston. Narrated by Robert Masters.

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