2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup (SWC) Qualification System


1. The 2015 SWC will consist of five Rounds for all 10 Olympic Events plus, when possible, Formula Kite racing. The SWC will culminate with a Final to be held in Abu Dhabi.

2. The Round locations, dates and entry quotas for each Event are displayed in the table below.

Event Melbourne,
7-14 Dec 2014
25-31 Jan 2015
20-26 Apr 2015
8-14 June 2015
Sept/Oct 2015
Abu Dhabi,
29 Oct-1 Nov 2015
RS:X Men 80 40 40 40 40 20
RS:X Women 80 40 40 40 40 20
Laser 150 100 40 40 40 20
Laser Radial 120 80 40 40 40 20
Finn 80 50 40 40 40 20
470 Men 120 60 40 40 40 20
470 Women 80 40 40 40 40 20
49er 100 40 25 25 25 20
49er FX 80 40 25 25 25 20
Nacra 17 80 40 40 40 40 20
Formula Kite Open NC TBC (ii) TBC (i) TBC (ii) TBC (i)

NC: No competition          TBC (i): Entry quota is tbc          TBC (ii): Inclusion of Event is tbc

3. Where the quotas (fleet sizes) are limited at a SWC Round, and demand in an Event is expected to exceed the number of places available, the Qualification Process described below, based on qualification through the ISAF World Sailing Rankings (WSR) or through a SWC Qualification Regatta, will be used for that Event. However Miami qualification will follow the process in paragraph 6.

4. Qualification through ISAF World Sailing Rankings (WSR).

4.1 For an Event with a fleet size of 40, the top 30 ISAF WSR ranked sailors in that Event shall be invited to enter a SWC Round based on their ranking on the publish dates in paragraph 4.2. For an Event with a fleet size of 25, the top 15 ISAF WSR ranked sailors will be invited.

4.2 The ISAF WSR on the following publish dates shall determine invitation for entry:
i) SWC Round Hyeres – 2 February 2015
ii) SWC Round Weymouth & Portland – 27 April 2015
iii) SWC Round Asia (Venue TBC) – TBC 2015

4.3 Upon the issuance of the invitation for entry to a Round sailors will be given 72 hours to confirm their attendance. When a sailor declines invitation for entry into a Round, or attendance is not confirmed with 72 hours, the invitation will revert to the SWC Qualification Regatta.

4.4 If a sailor accepts an invitation and then fails to attend, or withdraws within one month of the start of the Round, without written approval from the OA, ISAF may exclude that sailor from his or her next home continent SWC Round or impose any other sanction.

5. Qualification through SWC Qualification Regatta.

5.1 10 places per Event at the SWC Round, plus the number of declined invitations for that Event from section 4, shall be allocated to qualification through the Qualification Regatta.

5.2 Of these places, 4 shall be reserved for sailors from each of the associated home continent(s). However, this 4 shall be reduced to 3 if there are only 5 or 6 home continent sailors competing at the Qualification Regatta, and 2 if there are 4 or fewer.

5.3 Sailors will qualify based on finishing position at the Qualification Regatta. If a sailor who has qualified declines his or her invitation, then the invitation will pass to the highest placed finisher not yet qualified.

5.4 The process and timescales in 4.3 and 4.4 shall apply to these invitations.

5.5 The SWC Qualification Regattas will be:
i) Princess Sophia Regatta (Palma) – 2-9 April (TBC) 2015 for the SWC Hyeres Round.
ii) Delta Lloyd Regatta (Medemblik) – 26-30 May 2015 for the SWC Weymouth & Portland Round.
iii) The Asian qualification regatta will be identified when the Asian SWC Round venue is chosen.

6. Miami Round

6.1 Where the quotas (fleet sizes) are exceeded by the number of applications on midnight (local time), Friday 5 December 2014, the following procedure will apply.

6.2 For each event, the MNAs of the applications received will be sorted in Priority Order, based on the order of each MNA’s highest place in the ISAF World Sailing Rankings as of 5 December 2014.

6.3 Ties in the Priority Order will be resolved in favour of the MNA whose earliest entry application was received first. MNAs not appearing in the applicable ISAF World Sailing Rankings shall be sorted by application date and added at the end of the MNA Priority Order.

6.4 The Applications will be accepted, as follows, until the quota is filled:
(a) One place awarded to the host MNA.
(b) One place, awarded in MNA Priority Order, for each MNA with a remaining entry application.
(c) Repeat 6.4(b) above until the quota is filled.

6.5 The Event Quota will be increased until each MNA with a qualified application has at least one entry in the event. Each MNA with excess application(s) will decide which application(s) fill the available slots.

6.6 For any Event in which paragraph 6.1 does not apply, entries will be accepted in the order received until the Event Quota is reached.2015 Qualification System SWC – Final Page 3 of 3 Last updated 26-Sep-14

7. Qualification for the 2015 SWC Final

7.1 ISAF has 6 continents and 5 SWC Rounds. Each continent has a “home” SWC Round as specified in paragraph 7.3.

7.2 The Event winners from the 2015 SWC Rounds will qualify to the 2015 SWC Final.

7.3 The best placed „home continent‟ sailor in each Event at the 2015 SWC Rounds will qualify to the 2015 SWC Final. The „home continent‟ SWC Rounds are:
(a) North America and South America: SWC Round in North America (Miami, USA)
(b) Asia: SWC Round in Asia (venue TBC)
(c) Africa: SWC Round in Europe (Hyeres, FRA)
(d) Europe: SWC Round in Europe (Weymouth GBR)
(e) Oceania: SWC Round in Oceania (Melbourne, Australia)

7.4 The three podium places from the 2015 Class World Championships (if already held) will qualify to the 2015 SWC Final.

7.5 The 2015 ISAF World Sailing Rankings will be used to qualify the remaining quota places. The date of these rankings will be announced after the Asian venue is chosen.

7.6 The timescale in 4.3, and paragraph 4.4, apply to invitations to the SWC Final.

8. Kiteboarding

8.1 Kiteboarding will certainly take place in 2015 at Melbourne, Weymouth & Portland and Abu Dhabi, and may take place at other SWC Rounds.

8.2 The Kiteboarding sailor rankings will be calculated in 2015 using the same system as ISAF sailor rankings.

8.3 The fleet sizes have yet to be decided, as they will depend on discussions between ISAF, the OA, and IKA. Therefore further details on kiteboarding qualification will follow in due course


The Official ISAF World Sailing Ranking System for Olympic Classes


The Grading Criteria for Ranked Events is defined in ISAF Regulation 27.1.
Sailors will only receive ranking points from events that fully comply with the Regulations.
The dates and grading will be confirmed by the Secretariat which will endeavour to avoid conflicting dates and to ensure the Regulations determining how many of each grade of event may take place per contintent for each class.

The following Grades apply:

200-points – ISAF Sailing World Cup, Olympic class World Championships, ISAF Sailing World Championships;
100-points – Olympic Class World Championships (not-compliant with 200-point criteria), Olympic class Continental Championships and Other major international events using Olympic equipment;
50-points – Olympic Class Continental Championships, other international evnts using Olympic equipment (not compliant with 100-point criteria).


The ISAF World Sailing Rankings for Olympic Classes are administered by the ISAF. Every year in November the ISAF Rankings Sub-Committee meet to review the method of calculation of the rankings and to be included in the rankings.
Each competitor counts his or her best six results over the previous 12 months. The one year period is calculated on a rolling basis (from today’s date to the same date one year previously). Of those six results, a competitor may only count three results from the ISAF Sailing World Cup.

Regattas meeting the criteria are awarded a grade by the Sail Rankings Sub-committee. The grades are either a 200-point event, 100-point event or a 50-point event. The ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas, ISAF Sailing World Championships and Olympic Class World Championships are typically 200-point events. Olympic Class World Championships (not compliant with 200-point criteria), continental championships (not held as part of a 200-point event) and other major international events using Olympic equipment are 100-point events.

Complete information about the Criteria for Ranked Events is defined in ISAF Regulation 27.1.

100% of competitors at a regatta receive ranking points with first place receiving 200, 100 or 50 points depending on the grade. The competitor with the highest total from six events is listed first in the rankings and so on.

The ISAF Sailing World Rankings are issued approximately nine times a year.


Ranking Points = E(N-P+1)/N

E = Event Rank
N = Number of Entries
P = Position in regatta


The ISAF World Sailing Rankings rate skippers based on their performances at ISAF Graded events over the 24 month period prior to the release date of the Rankings.
Events will be downgraded if they fail to meet the criteria.

Click on the links below to view a list of new events included and events not included (as they failed to meet the Grading Criteria) for each release of the Rankings.

ISAF World Sailing Rankings – 3rd February 2014

2016 Rio Olympic Sailing Competition Qualification System


The qualification system – Download

The Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition regatta venue is the Marina da Glória with racing taking place inside and outside the Guanabara Bay and will feature 380 athletes competing across the following 10 events:

Men’s Windsurfer – RS: X
Men’s One Person Dinghy – Laser
Men’s One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) – Finn
Men’s Two Person Dinghy – 470
Men’s Skiff – 49er

Women’s Windsurfer – RS: X
Women’s One Person Dinghy – Laser Radial
Women’s Two Person Dinghy – 470
Women’s Skiff – 49er FX

Mixed Multihull – Nacra 17

Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) may enter a maximum of one boat per event, a total of 15 athletes (eight men and seven women).

Qualifcation Pathway

50% of the entry quota in each event shall be qualified from those best ranked NOCs in the corresponding events at the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships.

The remaining places in each event shall be qualified from the 2015 Class World Championship and in a series of Continental Qualification Events sanctioned by ISAF, to finish by 1 June 2016 at the latest.

The inclusion for the first time by ISAF of Continental Qualification Events in the Qualification Pathway is an opportunity to develop sailing around the world and reflect the IOC Qualification System Principles. Key requirements of these Principles are to ensure the participation of the best athletes and ensure universality through continental representation.

Tripartite Commission Invitation Places allow NOCs which have traditionally sent small delegations to the Olympic Games to be represented at the next Games. For the first time ISAF has included four dedicated Tripartite quota places within the overall Athlete Quota providing an opportunity for those eligible NOCs to compete in the Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy events.

ISAF will inform NOC’s and Member National Authorities (MNA’s) of Olympic quota places following each qualification regatta.

All NOC’s, including the host country must confirm to ISAF the use of all quota places by 1 June 2016. After this date the unconfirmed quota places will be allocated according to the principles set out in the Qualification System.

For more details on the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition visit the microsite at: http://www.sailing.org/2016-olympic-games.php

2014 ISAF/RS:X World Championships – Qualification System


The Qualification System for nations wishing to compete in the ISAF World Sailing Championships in Santander, Spain has been published. The Championships incorporates the World Championships of all the Olympic Classes.
The best sailing talent will be on show and as well as world titles being awarded across ten events, 50% of Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition places will be won based on results in Santander.
The regatta format will be the same as for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition, featuring an opening qualification series and a final series with the top ten in each event proceeding to the Medal Race where the final positions will be decided.

2014 ISAF/RS:X World Champiosnhips Qualification System – Download