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RS:X Class Measurement Seminar: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Here's the syllabus for the RS:X Measurement Seminar that will take place in tel Aviv on June 10th

Module 1 - An introduction to the Documents, the Class and the Rules

Time - 1 hour

Overview: An overview looking at the all of the ISAF documents that are applicable to the RS:X Class, such as the IASF Regulations, RRS, ERS, Class Rules etc.

Goes in depth into the ERS, how they interact with the class rules and working with both.


Module 2 - Measurement of a Manufacturer controlled class

Time - 3 hours

Overview: Looking at a Manufacturer controlled class. How to measure and apply rules without any measurements or class rules to refer against. Board measurement, rig measurement, appendage measurement, sail measurement.

(Making this up slightly as I haven't had the best of chances to test out on RS:X equipment, will be looking to David for some guidance in this area as it needs to be applicable to what tests are carried out at the factory)


Module 3 - Event Equipment Inspection

Time - 2 hours

Overview: Preparing for an event, including helping write the NOR and SI's for equipment inspection. Working with Race Committees, Juries. Dealing with protests, documents and knowing the rules to ensure that a fair and level playing field is always achieved through thorough equipment inspection.

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