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RS:X Racing Format: Scoring

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There's been quite a lively discussion going on in the background on the
'Back-To-The-Future' ideas for the RS:X Windsurf racing format.  rsxembossed

As always, when change is in the air, there are those who say what we have
is good enough. It's what they're used to. It's what they do.


The low points scoring system is known and appreciated. But in the process of reducing scores to points, it actually puts a mask on what actually happens on the water. You cannot see the real lead in terms of distance unless you're there.

Whether you won by one board length or one hundred is lost. You beat board 'x' so you get one less point.

Research shows that each windsurfing race at elite level is equivalent to running a 10,000 metres. After all that expended effort, your reward is still one point inspite of perhaps winning by a whole leg.

Conversely, if you were beaten at the last gasp by a few centimetres on the line, the difference you have to show for it is still just one point.

The  result is that the drama and the majesty is removed from the scoreboard and just shown as a bland list of numbers.

Changing the scoring system to one based on time would show what is really happening on the water. Time = Distance. Everyone understands that instinctively.

The technology to record times accurately exists so let's use it to show what's really going on on the water.  Whether it be a tight battle for supremacy or an easy superiority, scoring based on time will clearly show the struggle to win to whoever is watching wherever they are in the world.

If you have any comments, questions or ideas, just send the RS:X office an email. We'd love to hear your point of view ...

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