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2011 RS:X North American Windsurfing Championships: Day 2 Report

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With 6 races completed and another 3 scheduled
for today, the Mexican team is most probably going
to win the top spots in both the men’s and the women’s

Demita Vega and David Mier y Teran continued an
impressive series of wins and proved their Olympic
experience in the RS:X windsurfing Class Dominique Vallée (CAN) , Demita Vega’s strongest rival, could not keep up with her local experience and had to settle with the runner-up position in all 3 races of the second day. Demita has a 5 point lead in the next 3 races, which makes Dominique’s job rather tough for the last day.

On the other hand, David took advantage of his experience, understood the effect of the strong current of 6 knots on the left upwind side and won 2 races out of 3. He might have won another one, if he didn’t have his watch broken just before the 1st race.

Even on this race, he fought really hard to win, since he had a bad start but managed to move up the ranks. He lost the race by less than 1 meter after his compatriot, Mauricio Martinez, took advantage of Mier’s fatigue.

Mexico will win all 3 places on the men’s podium if today Matias Canseco Bazo from Peru cannot break the 4 point lead of Isaias Minor Huerta.

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