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RS:X Class Rules Updated

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The RS:X Class Rules have been updated to include national flags for the first time.rsxembossed

C.9.2 c states ...

For World and European Championships of Divisions A and B, the National flag of the competitor shall be displayed on both sides of the sail between battens 4 and 5. The material depicting the f lag shall self -adhesive and be placed back to back w ithin 100mm of the leech. The flag area shall be a minimum of 6000sq cms and the aspect ratio of the f lag shall not be altered. The national flag shall be clearly discernable on both sides of the sail. The Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions of an event may amend this rule.

In consequence the fee of €uro 40 charged by RS:X Championship organizers to provide national flags will no longer be payable. Entry fees remain €uro 160 for RS:X World and European Windsurfing Championships and €120 for RS:X Youth Windsurfing Championships

Download the updated Class Rules

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Last Updated ( Monday, 28 February 2011 13:53 )