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The IOC Want More Not Less

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For all those worried about the inevitability of change, here's a question...rsxembossed

"Has the RS:X 'Back-To-The-Future' format proposal gone far enough?"

Bearing in mind that the IOC want sailing to transform itself into a sport which has spectator appeal, will the short course format really deliver exitement or would racing the man-on-man 'Windsurfer' 6 buoy light wind slalom course create more buzz?

For those unfamiliar with the course configuration, here is a sketch...

Each athlete starts at the bottom of the course on either side as in diagram 1. They cross over at the top then slalom down to the bottom of the other side as in diagram 2. After a tight turn the athletes sail diagonally up wind again before crossing at the top in diagram 3 and again on the way down wind as in diagram 4. They then complete the course as in diagram 5.

Note I have shown the track for one athlete. The second one would sail the mirror image.

When sailed in the past, excitement is high. It's man on man. In the Olympics, it would be nation against nation. National prestige would be at stake. It would certainly have the spectators out of their seats and cheering for their man or woman.

Bearing in mind that we are talking about the Olympic Sailing Regatta here, which the IOC see as a 'final'. The number of athletes taking part may well be reduced but even if we were lucky enough to stay with our current athlete quotas it would not present a problem.

Please forgive me if you were around way back then and remember a slightly different way of racing the same course, that is a detail. What I am really addressing here is that there are serveral solutions to the challenge we are facing and the sooner everyone engages with them and finds an acceptable way forward the better.

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