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La Semaine Olympique Francaise: Day 4 - It's the RS:X Women's Fleet

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Let's start with a vital statistic... There are more nations represented in the RS:X Women's Windsurfing Fleet than there are represented in the RS:X men's windsurfing fleet here at La Semaine Olympique Francaise so to celebrate this success, we are focusing on them today.

Blanca Manchon (ESP) popped in another bullet in the 7th race in the series to take an 11 point lead over Charline Picon (FRA). After a moderate result in Palma, Blanca has obviosuly decide to pick up the pace here. The peleton is finding it hard to live with her speed in the light air here.

Making a strong challenge is Alessnadra Sensini (ITA) who thanks to Peina Chen's (CHN) 21st place in the 7th has moved up to third. Peina has now got to mount a fight back from the tightly packed group of 4 that she now heads.

Looking down the list a little further, we find Laura Linares (ITA) on 11th. She is now in danger of not making the medal race at all here in Hyeres. She will certainly have a fight on hands. But the main fixture on her mind is her battle with Alessandra to qualify to race in the Olympic regatta in Weymouth next year.

Laura snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Palma by starting early in the medal race and catching maximum  points for her trouble. Round #1 therefore went to Alessandra and round #2 is destined to go the same way. There are 21 points between them tonight so something pretty dramatic has got to happen tomorrow to change that prediction.

In 7th is Olgas Maslivets (UKR) who is in striking distance of 4th. She'll have to 'do the business' tomorrow, Thursday to position herself for the medal race on the last day. And she has no margin for error. Her discard is a 28thn taken on day 2 so she can only look forward and focus on the goal.

RS:X Men's Windsurfing Results: SOF

RS:X Women's Windsurfing Results: SOF

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