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2016: The fight back is on

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There are probably a lot of questions runningsquare 3
through youyr mind right now. The important
thing is to stay positive and decide to do all you
can to help get windsurfing back into the 2016
Olympic sailing programme.

No doubt most of you have discovered the 'Vote Windsurfing' page on Facebook where news is being published as it happens together with the views of people like Bruce and Barbara Kendall and Nevin Sayre. For us, this is quick and easy to do as we focus on the main task of talking to the decision makers on the ISAF Council and within National Sailing Authorities round the world.

We are working hard in the back ground to build momentum within the general sailing community to redress this decision. Whilst we appreciate that there is a general feeling that kite should be in the Olympic sailing familly, we believe that there is an equally strong belief that windsurfing should be there too.

The question on everyone's mind is how we can fulfill both ambitions without impacting the ambitions of the other  existing Olympic classes.

But what can you as a windsurfer do to help?

Here are 4 things that you can do to keep the campaign for Rio 2016 in the forefront of people's minds…

1. Sticker Campaign
This is a simple way to show your support as you go about your daily life. Stickers should be on cars, sails and in places where other sailors hang out when not racing. This is running in several countries already so start one too...

Print ready artwork is here

Please make sure that you have the permission of the  person concerned before applying a sticker

2. Facebook Campaign
Please change your Facebook profile picture to the one on Then every post you make will carry the message.

Here is the URL of the image:

When changing the profile picture, add the petition URL in the comment field [ ask your friends to sign the petition too]

3. Writing Campaign
The other super useful thing that you can do is write to your MNA and urge them to support windsurfing for 2016
by voting to reopen the discussion in November at the ISAF Conference in Dublin.

4. Make a video
Please make a one minute video using an iPhone or similar saying why you think windsurfing should be in the
Olympics. That would make a powerful statement. The key is to keep it positive. Knocking kite is not what we want to do and will be counter productive.

5. Race the RS:X Youth Europeans and Worlds

There are two RS:X Youth Championships coming up.

The 2012 RS:X Open Youth Europeans in Estonia | June 30th - July 7th, Talinn

We have arranged for 30 hulls to be available for charter - bring your own rigs and foils -

Rates for the hull rent( without fin, with VAT and without insurance)

Bronze: 49 Euros( day)
Silver: 299 Euros( 1 day training and race days)
Gold: 499 Euros( 5 days training max and race days)

Young athletes will also have the opportunity to purchase the board after the event at - 30% of the retail price, in that case the rental cost will also be deducted.

Please register here:

Download the Notice of Race:

The 2012 RS:X Youth World Championships in Chinese Taipei | October 20th - 27th, Penghu Island

This is a key event for the RS:X class as it will take place just before the ISAF November Conference in Ireland. Even though we realise that European teams will take reduced teams due to distance, it is very important that
you register athletes in both the youth men and youth women's fleets.

Download the Notice of Race:

By doing these 5 things, you will send a powerful message. Please keep what you say and what you post in public forums as positive FOR windsurfing as possible.




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