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The President of Chinese Taipei to open the RS:X Youth Worlds

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ywc2012We are very  excited to  announce  that the  President of Chinese
Taipei  will  attend the opening  ceremony   of the RS:X Youth
World Windsurfing Championships at  Shili  Beach, Penghu Island.

Entries are shaping  up  nicely too and the local media are starting to
recognize that the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association are hosting a
major international  sporting  event with more than 60 competitors
from 16  countries and 5 continents taking part. This will prove to be 
a  great show  of  support  for  windsurfing in Asia.

Also in  attendance would  be the  head delicate  from the  Chinese Taipei Olympic  committee -  Head of   Chinese  Taipei  Sports   authority  and  CIty and  County  Mayors.    And of  course  the  secret service  with their  black handy  bags.

With this  great news , we will have made some small modifications to the  schedule for October 20th -  We  would like  athletes and  coaches to  show up early to  Rig up   and then  attend the  Opening  at  1100hrs.  Following this athletes will go out to the racing area for the Practice Race which with all the assembled press will attract great media coverage.

No doubt National Sailing Federations round the world will notice that RS:X youth windsurfing is alive and well and attracting high level attention in the lead up to the ISAF November Conference.

So  we ask  that you all athletes and team leaders be  ready  with  in team  uniforms for  this important  event  - we will make more information available  as it comes to  hand -  We have asked the President to take part in a group shot with all participants so lets hope he agrees. We are told that he is a very friendly man so it should be OK

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