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1. HRH Crown Prince Frederik honours the 2010 RS:X World Championships with a visit
... RS:X World Championships reaches its climax” The 2010 RS:X World Championships is just one of many major international sailing events in Denmark in recent years. This summer, Denmark has hosted several ...
... and recoup the cost from competitors or direct sponsorship. Volvo Ocean Race internet reach - showing the build for the event it self and fall away once the event is over. - Sailing ...
3. Miami OCR: Farrah Hall Reflects on a Break Through Regatta
... solid regatta. My speed is getting better and I'm improving a few things at a time in that respect. If I had a bad upwind, I made up ground on the reach, which is a technical ability I've never had before. ...
4. 2010 Reach-4-The-Top Training Camps
The RS:X Class is offering the opportunity for windsurfers to maximise their preparations for this year's ISAF Sailing World Cup event and the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship with their Reach-4-The-Top ...
5. 2010 Reach-4-The-Top Training Camps
(Training/Training Overview)
We are now busy scheduling Reach-4-The-Top Training Camps for the RS:X Class. The plan goes like this. We plan to support the ISAF Sailing World Cup Regattas. This includes Palma, Hyeres and Spa. ...
... reaching into the winward mark,” she said. The Australian Sailing Development Squad’s James Paterson continues to lead the Finn class, having a first and a fifth today to move eight points clear of Henry ...
7. It's time to bury our differences and move into a new era?
... at some point most sports reach a "break point". This almost always results from the breakaway of a professional based faction from the incumbent amateur biased controlling organisation. The breakaway ...
8. ISAF Launches Olympic Solidarity Scholarship Sailing Course
...  Dinghy Sailing Instructor Senior Instructor Advanced Instructor Endorsement for dinghies Racing Instructor Multihull Instructor Training Windsurfing [Reach-4-The-Top Training Programs] ...
9. RS:X Asian Measurement Seminar
The Reach-4-The-Top RS:X Asian Measurement Seminar will take place on December 15th and will be conducted by Bas Edmonds who is the RS:X Class chief measurer. It will cover all aspects of the RS:X ...
10. RS:X Evo Project: What are the changes being looked at for the sail and mast/boom?
... and supporting developing racers and MNAs through the Reach-4-The-Top Training Programs and undertake feasibility study on introducing a lighter hull [The RS:X Evo] based on testing feedback from top men ...
11. More on the RS:X Evo and the plan going forward
... these nations as we do our best to help them Reach-4-The-Top with our training program. Evolving the equipment will mean that national programs can make an evolution too. Announcing this early [2009] ...
12. Reach-4-The-Top: Techno Training Camp, Cadiz
(Training/3S Training Systems)
Reach-4-The-Top are now accepting bookings for the first Techno 293 Training Camp starting Dec 23rd in Cadiz, Spain. Jacob Holst [DEN] will be leading an international squad through a 4 day pre ...
...  Please contact Rory Ramsden at rory.ramsden[@] to register for the Reach-4-The-Top Measurement Seminar in Shantou.  ...
14. Reach-4-The-Top Training Program Has Evolved
(Training/3S Training Systems)
Following discussions with all the ISAF windsurfing classes, it is our pleasure to announce that the Reach-4-The-Top Training Program initiative launched by the RS:X Class at the beginning of this year ...
15. ISAF President sets out the challenges ahead
... explained why he has become involved in the Athletes' Commission, 'For years I have worked hard as an athlete and a professional to reach the highest success in our sport. Looking back at my experience ...
16. 2009 RS:X Class Annual General Meeting
(Meetings/RS:X Class Annual General Meetings)
... been rebuilt, the Reach-4-The-Top Training programme launched and the RS:X Media Project executed. ISAF did not approve the class request to charge €50 per complete set of equipment sold to fund the latter ...
17. No Tornado for 2012 Games
... for additional events received by sports was because the Games has reached maximum capacity, "Most of the applications have been politely declined because all of the applications combined resulted in a ...
18. Hernan Vila (ARG) to coach R4T
(Training/3S Training Systems)
The Reach-4-The-Top Training Programme is please to announce that it has signed a new Coach to develop the programme in South America. Hernan Vila (ARG) has coached competitors to Olympic Silver ...
Check out the training regime Bryony Shaw is following in her Boardseeker interview. It's all about Project Bryony
20. Reach-4-The-Top Training: Testimonial, Sine Lysdahl Jensen (DEN)
" Yeahhh, the training was awsome....I learned a lot during the week with Jochem, it was intensive training with a lot of usefull feedback! Feel free to use this as a testimonial" Sine Lysdahl Jensen (DEN) ...
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