How to Bid for RS:X Events

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Bid Form

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To see the list of the events to bid and the bids received by the RS:X Class – CLICK HERE


When completing the RS:X Event Bid Form please give as much detailed and specific information as possible and if available include as many photographs and/or detailed and to scale plans as possible. The Bid Form will be linked as an attachment to any final contract for hosting the event.
The more information you can provide the better the Class will be able to review your bid.

Please ensure your bid is submitted within time. Bids must be received by the Class office at least 5 weeks before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for championships to be held in 2 years time.
Bids should be sent by email to [email protected]
Once a bid is received the office will confirm receipt.
Received bids will be distributed electronically to the Class for review so if required please provide either links to photographs and plans available on the internet or separate your message into multiple manageable email sizes. Many email accounts are limited to attachments of up to 5 MB.

If any time you need more detailed information, please contact the RS:X Class office – Andrus Poksi – [email protected]

Please read also the RS:X Event Manual and the RS:X Race Management Policies

The list of the events to bid and the bids received by the RS:X Class are listed here

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